ASA: Playstation Release


After some delay, the long-awaited expansion of the popular dinosaur survival game, "ARK Survival Ascended," is finally available for PlayStation 5 as of last night. The new version not only offers a massive graphics update but also enables crossplay and mods on the PS5 for the first time.

A leap into the future with Unreal Engine 5

"ARK Survival Ascended" has been completely redesigned from the ground up and utilizes the latest video game technology of Unreal Engine 5. Players awaken on a mysterious island surrounded by dazzling sunlight and vibrant colors, while feeling the rush of the azure blue water. A deep roar from the misty jungle brings them back to reality - it's time to take action. Are you ready to establish a tribe, tame and breed hundreds of dinosaur species and other prehistoric creatures, explore, build, and fight your way to the top of the food chain?

Technological innovations and new features

The PS5 version utilizes high-end graphics features such as fully dynamic global illumination ("Lumen") and advanced mesh streaming ("Nanite") for extreme details. New physical systems, such as dynamic water where each creature generates waves, splashes, and bubbles, as well as fully interactive physical vegetation, enhance the immersion experience.

Cross-platform modding and multiplayer

Another highlight is the introduction of cross-platform modding. Players can now download and play custom content, including new maps, creatures, items, and game modes, directly in the game. Additionally, "ARK Survival Ascended" supports cross-platform multiplayer, allowing players to form tribes and collaborate across different gaming platforms.


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