ARK II Release Date 2024 oder 2025?

Möglicherweise wird Ark 2 technisch gesehen im Frühjahr 2025 veröffentlicht, während der Early Access bereits Ende 2024, wie ursprünglich geplant, zur Verfügung steht

Zukunft von ARK (Update from 8. April)

Today, just before April 1, Wildcard released the future and roadmap of their ARK Survival Evolved franchise. ARK 2.0 will be delayed to the end of 2024 and ARK 1.5 (Unreal Engine 5.x) will not be compatible with ARK 1!


ARK II plunges players into a brutal new world of primitive survival against man and beast, where they must face the ever-present threat of hyper-realistic intelligent dinosaurs, aggressive alien animals, and the exotic environments of an alien planet. Survivors will continue the dramatic, eons-spanning story of humanity's evolution in this next-generation sandbox survival experience!