ARK Survival Ascended (ASA) - Release

Dive into a new dinosaur survival experience that surpasses your wildest dreams... because ARK is being reinvented from the ground up with Unreal Engine 5 in the next generation of video game technology! You awaken on a mysterious island, your senses overwhelmed by bright sunlight and vibrant colors bouncing off every surface around you, while the azure waters of a lush island crash against your bare feet. A deep roar echoes from the misty jungle, prompting you to move, and you rise – not fearful, but curious.

ARK: Survival Ascended (ASA) - Q & A

Wildcard have announced a lot of updates and changes for ARK: Survival Ascended. Pre-ordering the game will not be possible, it will be released simultaneously for everyone - end of October - released , with no exclusive launch content. The crossplay feature will be introduced gradually, with full implementation in December.


Rhyniognatha is an extinct genus of arthropods whose classification is controversial. In some analyses, it is considered the oldest known insect and possibly a flying insect. This monster beetle will now be released on the existing version of ARK Survival Edition in June 2023 as the final content update.

ASA: New Supply Crate Model for ARK Survival Ascended

In the "Community Crunch" on Friday, April 28, the new 3D model for the Supply Crates (Lootdrops) was presented. It was mentioned that the original model was only meant to be a temporary placeholder and was finally adopted into the game almost unchanged.

ARK: Survival Ascended

ARK: Survival Ascended is a next-generation remaster of our beloved ARK: Survival Evolved that harnesses the power of Unreal Engine 5. It will be released in late August 2023 for Xbox Series S/X, PC (Windows/Steam) and PlayStation 5. The base game will include the island, SOTF, and all "non-canon" DLC maps (which will be added to ASA over time).

Zukunft von ARK (Update from 8. April)

Today, just before April 1, Wildcard released the future and roadmap of their ARK Survival Evolved franchise. ARK 2.0 will be delayed to the end of 2024 and ARK 1.5 (Unreal Engine 5.x) will not be compatible with ARK 1!

Scorched Earth mit Aufsteig und zusätzliche Levels

The Winter Wonderland patch on December 14th will introduce brand new narrative content - featuring actors Maddy Madden (The Wheel of Time) and David Tennant (Doctor Who) reprising their respective roles as Helena Walker and Sir Edmund Rockwell.

All of Helena’s and Rockwell’s Dossiers and Explorer Notes will also be voiced by the actors, as will survivors’ epic confrontation versus Rockwell on ARK Aberration.  The highly requested Scorched Earth ascension will also make its debut!