It feels great to find this unique wild Dino with just the right colors and traits. Shiny! Dinos offers additional possibilities to make the creatures of the ARKs even more unique. More than just a fresh paint job, some of these Shiny! Dinos have increased levels (from 150 up to 180) and can therefore offer better points (stats) when tamed.

ARK Additions

"ARK Additions introduces 10 uniquely modeled and animated creatures, each with a special taming challenge. Additionally, the mod includes a unique boss, the Savage Acrocanthosaurus. This boss is summoned into the world through a special engram (available at Level 120) and requires tribute, similar to the traditional bosses of the Island or the Titans of the "Extinction" expansion.

ASA: New Creature for Extinction - Dreadnoughtus

For each newly released map on ARK Survival Ascendent (ASA) (with the new Unreal 5.x Engine), an additional creature is chosen by the community. The condition is that the creature fits the theme of the map. The following 10 finalists for the Extinction map are now available for selection.

Voting started today, on September 11, 2023, and you can vote until September 18. The winner will be announced as usual on September 22 in the Community Crunch.

Update 23.09.2023

The winner is the "walking battleship" Dreadnoughtus

ASA: New creature for Aberration (UPDATE)

Until Monday, July 24, 2022, you have the opportunity to vote for your favorite creature for the Aberration card. This will then be automatically integrated with the future update of ASA in connection with the DLC card Aberration. From the mentioned date, an official vote will be held among ten creatures that have received the most votes by then.

Number of animals per card

Have you ever considered how many animals could be active on a single map of ARK Survival Evolved? So far, we have counted the following quantities on average:


Rhyniognatha is an extinct genus of arthropods whose classification is controversial. In some analyses, it is considered the oldest known insect and possibly a flying insect. This monster beetle will now be released on the existing version of ARK Survival Edition in June 2023 as the final content update.

ASA: New Creature for Scorched Earth

*** UPDATE: Winner is the Fasolasuchus *** Until May 1st it was possible to vote for different creatures. One of them has now won and will be available as a new creature for the revamped Scorched Earth map in the upcoming ARK release ASA (Ascendend) this summer. The winner will be announced on May 5 or 6, 2023. We can't wait to see which creature makes the cut.