ASA: New Creature for Extinction - Dreadnoughtus

Offizielles Bild Dreadnoughtus

For each newly released map on ARK Survival Ascendent (ASA) (with the new Unreal 5.x Engine), an additional creature is chosen by the community. The condition is that the creature fits the theme of the map. The following 10 finalists for the Extinction map are now available for selection.

Voting started today, on September 11, 2023, and you can vote until September 18. The winner will be announced as usual on September 22 in the Community Crunch.

Update 23.09.2023

The winner is the "walking battleship" Dreadnoughtus

  • Common Name: Dreadnoughtus (from the group of Titanosaurs)
  • Species: Dreadnoughtus maximus
  • Time: Late Cretaceous
  • Diet: Herbivorous
  • Behavior: Territory-defending

More details about the possible implementation can be found in the official ARK forum. Personally, it's a bit disappointing that such a huge creature won, as I would have preferred a fluffy spider.


The finalists are:


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