ARK News

Primarily from the world of ARK Survival Evolved and occasionally from the new but incomplete ARK Survival Ascended version!


ARK: The Animated Series

Helena Walker, an Australian paleontologist in the 21st century, becomes a grieving widow after the death of her wife, Victoria. One night, after drowning her sorrow in pills and wine, she suddenly wakes up in the middle of a vast ocean. After fleeing from a large, attacking shark, she is soon washed up on a strange beach. There, she befriends a wild dodo, only to discover that he was being hunted by a human tribal hunter named Bob. After realizing that both of them arrived in this world in the same way, Bob teaches Helena the art of survival.

Svartalfheim - Additonal Rotation Map

On the untouched, icy shores of Svartalfheim, a new map created by Nekatus for ARK: Survival Evolved, players can expect an adventure that delves into the depths of Norse myths and legends. Surrounded by rugged landscapes, mysterious caves, and the eternal twilight of the North, this land calls out to fearless explorers. Players have the opportunity to lose themselves in a world shaped by ancient gods and inhabited by powerful creatures immortalized in old stories.


The ARK Valentine's EVO Event has been activated on our cluster on the respective rotation maps (DLC maps). The newly available colors include:

Oasisaur - An Oasis for Frontier Owners

In Community Crunch 393 on January 20, 2024, Studio Wildcard announced an addition for the upcoming map 'Scorched Earth': the dinosaur 'Oasisaur'. This new dinosaur will be part of the paid 'Frontier Adventure Packs' and will provide a safe living space on the back of a giant moving oasis.

ASA: Update and Outlook for the New Year (2024)

News at the end of the year from Wildcard with the surprise that the first DLC map "The Center" for ARK Survival Ascended will already be released in February, and additionally the "Gigantoraptor" as the first new creature (originally planned for Ragnarok) will be integrated. Furthermore, server transfer will be unlocked in January.

Ark aufs Maul ASA

The online gaming project "ARK aufs Maul", presented by the well-known YouTubers Gato and Kay, launches its second season titled "Ark aufs Maul ASA".

In this exciting season, each player has exactly seven lives. Once these lives are used up, the participant is eliminated from the competition. The primary goal of the players is to minimize the life counters of their opponents while preserving their own lives. A central aspect of this is to avoid dying in PVE (Player versus Environment), as this is considered embarrassing and humiliating within the community.