Please make sure that the necessary mods have been downloaded and installed in advance via Steam! The mods require approximately 3.2GB to download. Subscribe to the mods here:

Mods abonnieren

ACA Travel

With the T-CON (from Level 1; simply search for "con" in the engram list), you can convert boss attributes, trophies, elements, and other things that are usually not transferable from one map to another. The mod was originally provided by HULK under the name HGTravel Mod.

Action House

This mod allows you to create auctions for items, weapons, blueprints, skins, dinos, etc., bid on them, and buy them from players on your server or players on other servers. Modified items and dinos are also supported!

ARK Additions

"ARK Additions introduces 10 uniquely modeled and animated creatures, each with a special taming challenge. Additionally, the mod includes a unique boss, the Savage Acrocanthosaurus. This boss is summoned into the world through a special engram (available at Level 120) and requires tribute, similar to the traditional bosses of the Island or the Titans of the "Extinction" expansion.


Bitou2k's Binocular is a powerful tool for long-range reconnaissance and espionage. It is characterized by simplicity, efficiency, and elegance. The maximum distance for displaying dinosaur status information is 400 meters. The gender of the dinosaurs is indicated by the color of their names (pink for female, blue for male, white for no gender).

Custom Harvesting

Another helper mod allows for the extraction of small amounts of gold (from metal deposits) and naquadah (from obsidian deposits) for the stargates. This does not reduce the amounts of metal and obsidian being mined, but provides an additional resource. Additionally, on some maps with red elemental crystals, there is a slightly larger deposit of gold and naquadah available.


With this mod, various drinks are introduced that give you a 100% imprint on an animal or change the gender of a dinosaur. Check the shop (TCs Auto Reward) for more information.


Build yourself a "SafeBase Forcefield" directly from level 5. You can place it anywhere, and it will protect your base from wild animals and enemy players.


It feels great to find this unique wild Dino with just the right colors and traits. Shiny! Dinos offers additional possibilities to make the creatures of the ARKs even more unique. More than just a fresh paint job, some of these Shiny! Dinos have increased levels (from 150 up to 180) and can therefore offer better points (stats) when tamed.

Stargate Evolution

At the obelisk, you will find an admin Stargate that you can use as you please. Mine your own metal deposits and collect rare element crystals such as gold and naquadah to build your own Stargate in your base. The two new resources, gold and naquadah, can also be converted into ingots like metal.

Super Structure

This mod provides additional components (each named with "SS") and also offers many simplifications to facilitate more efficient and monotonous tasks. You can find an overview of all components and further assistance on the official ARK Survival Evolved Wiki at

TCs Auto Reward V2

Auto Rewards v2 can be classified as a "Shop" mod. It allows players to earn "Points" referred to as ARc (Auto Reward Currency) simply by spending time on the server. Players can spend ARc on items and dinosaurs in the game. To use the shop, build an "ARV2 UI Tool", hold it in your hand, and press the red button.

Translate this into English - Simple Spawner

A helper mod to protect the obelisks and stargates on The Island or to create "PVP Safe Zones" on individual maps. These zones can be identified by a buff with a shield symbol (bottom right), allowing you to perform a boss run at the green obelisk without PVP.