These are the settings for the existing/known ARK Survival Evolved version!

1. BASIC SETTINGS (H3, XP1.5, W4, B24, T4)

  • 2-3x Harvest, 1.5x XP, 4x Weight (for players 4.2; animals 2x [Wild+LevelPoints]), 24x Raising, 4x Taming
  • Meat & Co spoils about 2x slower, and Gasoline lasts 2x longer in the Generator. In addition, the stacking (quantity) of resources has also been increased by 3-5x.
  • Engram points have been distributed more generously so that all engrams can be learned later in the game.
  • Structures 6000

PVP, Weapons & Armor

  • The maximum values have been increased by +50% and are at Flak Armor  694 (1011 Durability), Weapons 397%, and Saddles approximately 173.5%.
  • Offline protection is disabled on all maps.
  • Turret damage to dinos at 1.50 (+50%) and number of turrets at -20% (80 instead of 100), ammo boxes cannot automatically refill turrets. The PVP settings are continuously checked and adjusted.


  • Imprint at 0.0625 (30min), but with a 2x imprint amount (Giga therefore requires about 10 imprints and a Direwolf 2 imprints)
  • Slightly simplified breeding (animals ready for mating again after 1-3h, max. 180 animals)
  • Hatching time at x24 and raising of animals also at x24, but with 2x food requirement for babies
  • Bred dinosaurs up to a maximum of 488 levels total (best up to 400 levels at birth)
  • Wild dinos on the maps (except the home map) are partially slightly stronger (e.g. Damage/Resistance +25%), which is why the loot from the drops is also slightly higher (+25-50%)

Safebase and ORP


  • The indestructible "Safebase" requires about 250 wood daily
  • Available exclusively on The Island and Ragnarok (but only one can be placed in the entire cluster)


  • The Simple ORP, an extended Tek shield, activates automatically after 60 minutes of player/tribe absence and requires Element for maintenance.
  • Available on standard maps like Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis 1 (excluding Genesis 2).

Structures and Decay

Quantities (per main base)

The compliance with the quantities is to be managed by the player himself (or the total structures and SS structures are displayed).

  • Total structures = 6000 (option for 7500)
  • Crop Plot (Plots) = 50
  • Egg Incubator = 10
  • Feeding troughs = 5
  • Large Storage = 40
  • Metal Storage = 40
  • Tek Storage = 65
  • Vault = 70
  • Dedicated Storage = 75
  • Producing Gachas = 8pcs (or 16pcs in the entire cluster)
  • Snails / Dung Beetle = 10


  • Decay is set at 8x on the regular maps (32-160 days). This means in detail:
    - Thatch = 32 days
    - Wood = 64 days
    - Clay = 64 days
    - Stone = 96 days
    - Metal = 128 days
    - Greenhouse = 128 days
    - TEK = 160 days
    - Miscellaneous = 32 days (except for the oil wells, which are due after 16 days)
  • Auto-destruction is at 8.5x, meaning that 1-10 days after the "decay" of the structures, they will be permanently removed.
  • Currently, only the basic structures are automatically removed on the regular (non-rotation maps)
  • Abandoned/Unattended dinosaurs are automatically killed after 32 days.
  • On the DLC maps that change daily (rotation maps), the Decay is set to 4x instead of 8x, but since these maps are not online daily, the decay times are similar to those on the regular maps.
  • Sleeping bags are automatically completely removed on Monday at 01:00.

2. Additional Resources

Additional resources due to mods are:

Stargate (all maps)

  • Gold Ingot
  • Gold Ore (primarily mineable at Metal/Gold-Nodes)
  • Naquadah Ingot
  • Naquadah Ore (primarily mineable at Obsidian-Nodes)
  • Liquid Naquadah
  • Advanced Electronics
  • Zero Point Energy
  • PainKillers
  • Medkit
  • MRE

Potions in the Shop

Various potions can be purchased in the shop for points. Note! The costs are relatively high, as they are intended to be used sparingly.

  • Gender Change Potion
  • Hair Grow Potion
  • Dino Imprint Potion
  • Dino Mindwipe
  • Dino Standup Potion
  • Unlock Potion Beards
  • Unlock Potion Emotes
  • Unlock Potion Hairstyles
  • Weight Potion
  • Crafting Skill Potion

Svartalfheim (only on this map)

  • Pure Gold Ingot
  • Mithril Ore (convertible to Naquadah Ore with the Auction House Exchanger)
  • Mithril Ingot SH
  • Mithril Alloy
  • Energy Crystal
  • Diamond
  • Flux
  • Pure Gold Ore (convertible to Gold Ore with the Auction House Exchanger)
  • Geode

3. Additional Dinos

Additional dinos are rare on the DLC maps (from the ARK Additions mod) and can be used throughout the cluster:

  • Acrocanthosaurus
  • Archelon
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Ceratosaurus
  • Concavenator
  • Cryolophosaurus
  • Deinosuchus
  • Deinotherium
  • Helicoprion
  • Xiphactinus

4. Income & Currency (Coins)

For the shop, 5 points are awarded per 60 minutes of gameplay and an additional 25 points per vote on

In addition, there are coins in the game that can be used for trading among players and also serve as currency in the Auction House. Weekly, you can obtain 100 Copper Coins (1 Gold Coin) in the shop. Additionally, coins can be purchased in the shop (no exchange but possible)!

Exchange rate for coins:

  • Silver Coins = 10 Copper Coins
  • Gold Coins = 100 Copper Coins
  • Platinum Coins = 1,000 Copper Coins

5. ARK Smart Breeding

With the tool (ARK Smart Breeding Download), you can easily manage your dinos and get information about food requirements and growth times. The settings are available as an image here:

ARK Smart Breeding Configuration

Settings can be imported from here: https://raw.githubusercontent.c…

6. Updates

Current settings and server tools are freely available on GitHub.