These are the settings for the existing/known ARK Survival Evolved version!

BASIC SETTINGS (H3, XP1.5, W4, B24, T4)

  • 3x Harvesting, 1.5x XP, 4x Weight (for players 4.2; animals 2x [Wild+LevelPoints]), 24x Maturation, 4x Taming
  • Meat & Co spoil about 2x slower, and gasoline lasts 2x longer in the generator. Engram points have been distributed more generously so that all engrams can be learned later in the game.

PVP, Weapons & Armor

  • Turret damage on dinos remains at 3x (for now, adjustments are still being considered due to no ORP and animals not receiving more levels and long-term cluster)
  • The maximum armor is 496% (892 durability), weapons 496%, and saddles 223%.
  • Offline protection is deactivated on all maps.


  • Imprint at 0.0625 (30 minutes), but with a 2x imprint amount (Giga requires about 10 imprints, and a Direwolf 2 imprints)
  • Slightly simplified breeding (animals ready for mating again after 1-3 hours, max. 150 animals)
  • Hatching time at x24 and maturation of animals at also x24 (with 4x food consumption)
  • Bred dinosaurs can reach level 599.
  • Wild dinos on the maps (except the home map) are slightly stronger (e.g., damage/resistance +25%), so the loot from the drops is also slightly higher (+25-50%)

Decay and Auto-Destruction

  • Decay is set at 8x on all maps (32-160 days). This means in detail:
    - Straw = 32 days
    - Wood = 64 days
    - Clay = 64 days
    - Stone = 96 days
    - Metal = 128 days
    - Greenhouse = 128 days
    - TEK = 160 days
    - Miscellaneous = 32 days (except for the oil wells, which are due after 16 days)
  • Auto-destruction is set at 8.5x, which means that structures will be permanently removed within 1-10 days after decay.
  • Currently, only basic structures are automatically removed on regular (non-DLC) maps.
  • Unconnected structures (like a sleeping bag in the wilderness) decay after just one day.
  • Abandoned/Unattended dinosaurs are automatically killed after 32 days.

ARK Smart Breeding

With the tool (ARK Smart Breeding Download), you can easily manage your dinos and get information about their food requirements and growth times. The settings are available as an image here:

ARK Smart Breeding Configuration

Download: ASBMultipliers.ini

Steam Maintenance


Every night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Steam performs maintenance, making it impossible to travel between maps or connect to our server for about 20 to 30 minutes starting around midnight.


Current settings and server tools are freely available on GitHub .