The server is primarily designed for PVE, as the main base is protected by an impenetrable shield (Safebase) and we mainly play PVE content. However, PVP is enabled on all maps.

Friendly behavior is crucial. We are an easy-going long-term server. Play fair and behave properly!

In addition, the following rules apply:

  • Intentionally causing server lag or FPS drops is prohibited.
  • Every player must be in the same tribe on every map.
  • Any form of bug abuse (exploiting errors in the ARK game itself) is strictly forbidden!


  • We mainly focus on PVE with PVP settings, which means that shooting and looting other players is allowed, but in moderation. If you are solely looking for PVP, this server is not the right fit for you.
  • Harassment, insults, and any offensive behavior in chat or in the names of players, items, dinos, tribes, etc. are prohibited.

Home Map, Main Bases, and Outposts

  • Each player has a main base on the home map (with SafeBase Shield) and can build an additional main base on any other map (Note: No offline raid protection and building rules apply).
  • Only one main base or outpost is allowed per map.
  • The number of main bases is limited to the number of active players +1 in the tribe.

Home Map (only "The Island")

  • A main base can be built on "The Island" map. Only there can the indestructible shield (SafeBase Shield) be placed, and the structure decay is significantly delayed.
  • Raiding a base with a Safebase Shield is not possible or allowed.
  • On "The Island" map, it is prohibited to place turrets outside of the SafeBase Shield and to leave aggressive creatures unattended or wandering around in general.
  • A main base on "The Island" must be built outside the sight and render range of other players and must not be larger than, for example, the SafeBase Shield itself (a small taming cage outside the SafeBase is allowed).
  • Additional taming cages or temporary structures must be dismantled promptly.
  • Turrets that attack targets outside of the SafeBase are not allowed (even temporarily).

Main Base (any map except "The Island")

  • The maximum size of a main base is 70 foundations in diameter (total width) and approximately 50 foundations in height.
  • Only one main base is allowed per map.
  • Breeding is allowed in a main base, and "automations" are permitted (however, offline farming or hitching animals to the Hitching Post is prohibited).
  • Turrets are allowed as long as they do not target PVE content (explorer notes, artifacts, etc.).
  • A main base on a "rotating map" (DLC maps) is not recommended.

Outpost (any map except "The Island")

  • No automations (such as a Gacha Crystal Collector) are allowed at an outpost, and animals should not be left outside permanently (including no offline breeding).
  • An outpost should fit within an 8x8x8 area.
  • Turrets are allowed as long as they do not target PVE content.

SafeBase Shield

  • The SafeBase Shield may only be used to protect a main base and must not be temporarily abused for other activities.
  • A SafeBase must not be placed in a way that blocks relevant PVE content (explorer notes, Gen1 missions, access to artifact caves, etc.).

Building Rules "General"

  • Only a maximum of 3 Stargates per tribe is allowed on a map.
  • Reservations and/or spamming with foundations and pillars are generally prohibited.
  • Temporary buildings outside the base (such as a taming cage, farm hut, or campfire) should be dismantled when no longer needed (exception: a taming cage directly next to the SafeBase Shield).
  • Obelisks, caves with artifacts or PVE content (open-world bosses, explorer notes, Fjordur runes, Tek Cave, Gen1 glitches & missions), Gen2 in the lower passages, must not be built upon, covered with turrets, or otherwise blocked.
  • Places accessible through mesh holes (map errors) or non-normal reachable ratholes must not be entered or built upon.
  • Building on player spawn points should be avoided. Intentionally building such "traps" is prohibited.
  • Flying structures, structures completely underground (mesh), or similar unintended building methods are prohibited.

Automation Rules

We do not play ARK to build huge automated farms and store millions of resources. Here are some simple rules:

  • A maximum of 8 Gachas per map is allowed, with a total of 16 in the cluster.
  • Snails & Dung Beetles are allowed in quantities of 5-10 each for polymer and paste throughout the cluster.
  • 50-75 crop plots for vegetables, berries, etc. are allowed throughout the cluster (25 vanilla and 50 Super Structure).
  • Only one chainsaw per tribe may be used for shearing a sheep at a time.
  • Additional restrictions: 5x Vivarium per map (no Tek Stryder), 3x Crystal Cracker, 5x Item Collector, 1x Farmer, Gardner, Nanny, and Animal Tender.
  • Attaching animals to a Hitching Post is generally not allowed. However, it is temporarily allowed for the rearing of an animal, such as a Gacha baby. Additionally, a maximum of 10 snails and 2-3 Dung Beetles are allowed.
  • Stacking animals (placing them inside each other) is prohibited. Animals may only be placed as close together as possible with riding and whip mechanics.
  • Massive offline breeding is not desired. Gachas, for example, may only be bred when the player is online, and babies must be claimed immediately.

PVP-oriented Rules (Additions)

  • No cheating, hacking (or generally exploiting game vulnerabilities), aimbotting, duplicating items, or bypassing barriers.
  • Invisible, indestructible, or flying structures are prohibited.
  • Entering areas that should not be accessible (e.g., with sleeping bags, animals, etc.) is strictly forbidden.
  • Popcorning (throwing objects so that your opponent cannot get them) is not acceptable.
  • Keeping players restrained (e.g., by stunning, clinging with a Skiff, etc.) for more than 15 minutes is discouraged.
  • Fully enclosed animals with platform saddles are prohibited.
  • Raiding with structures or tunnels (e.g., on a raft) is prohibited. Structures may only be used to provide access or a path to the enemy base (but not to block turrets).
  • Placing massive structures (spamming) in front of your own main base is not allowed.
  • Turrets without a base for defense or outposts are temporarily allowed but must be dismantled promptly.

Last Update: 15.10.2023