Our server focuses on PVE, with PVP enabled. The main base is located on "The Island" and is protected by an impenetrable Safebase shield to prevent attacks. We value friendly cooperation and expect fair gameplay.


  • PVE is the main focus, PVP is allowed but not the main objective.
  • No harassment, insults, or offensive behavior in the game.
  • Exploiting meshing (going under the map) or otherwise inaccessible areas is strictly prohibited.
  • No cheating, hacking, or exploiting game vulnerabilities in general.
  • Keeping players captive is only allowed during an active raid. Otherwise, players should be released after 3-5 minutes.

II. Home Map, Main Bases, and Outposts

  • The main base is located on 'The Island' with an indestructible Safebase shield (which is why offline raid protection is not necessary).
  • One main base or outpost is allowed per additional map, but there is no offline raid protection.

Home Map ('The Island')

  • Only on 'The Island' can a Safebase shield be placed.
  • The main base must be out of sight of other players and not larger than the shield.
  • Raiding a base with an active Safebase shield is prohibited.
  • No turrets on players or their dinos (outside of the Safebase shield).
  • Do not leave aggressive animals unattended outside the base.
  • Taming pens next to the base are allowed, other temporary structures should be dismantled promptly.

Main Base (official Maps)

  • Maximum size: approximately 70x50 foundations.
  • Breeding and automation are allowed.
  • Turrets must not interfere with PVE content.
  • On DLC maps (daily rotating maps), only one outpost is allowed.

Outpost (official Maps, DLC Maps)

  • Maximum size: 8x8x8 foundations.
  • No permanent automation, breeding, or leaving animals outside.

III. Building Rules

  • No reservations or spamming with foundations and pillars.
  • Building is prohibited in important PVE locations such as obelisks, artifact caves, spawn areas of rare creatures (Wyvern, Magmasaur, Rockdrake, Reaper Queen), or PVE content (open-world bosses, explorer notes, Fjordur runes, Tek Cave, Gen1 glitches & missions, Gen2 in the lower passages to space). Large resource nodes or beaver dams do not count.
  • Avoid building on player spawn points or unconventional building methods (flying structures, etc.).
  • Prohibition of inaccessible, invisible, or indestructible structures.

Safebase Shield

  • Safebase shield is only for main base use; must not block PVE content.


Refers to mod structures such as Pegasus Gate and Goa'uld Rings.

  • Maximum of 3 Pegasus Gates per tribe; Rings only within the base.
  • No use of Stargates for PVP or simplification of PVE (e.g., placing them in caves near artifacts).

IV. Automation Rules

  • Limitations on automation as follows:
    a) 8 Gachas per map and 16 Gachas in the entire cluster.
    b) 50 crop plots per map.
    c) 3x Crystal Crackers, 5x Item Collectors, 1x Farmer, 1x Gardener, and 1x Nanny per map.
    d) Shinehorns and Dung Beetles are limited to 5 animals each.
  • No animal stacking; position animals only with riding and whip.
  • Only tie animals to a hitching post for maturation (no breeding). The exception is Dung Beetles and Shinehorns.
  • Massive offline breeding is generally discouraged.


Last Update: 27.01.2024