Our server focuses on PVE, with PVP enabled. The main base on "The Island" or "Ragnarok" is protected by an impenetrable SafeBase shield, preventing attacks, and on regular DLC maps, there is a Tek ORP shield (simple ORP). We value friendly interactions and expect fair play.


  • PVE is the priority, PVP is allowed, but not the sole main objective.
  • No harassment, insults, or offensive behavior in the game.
  • No cheating, meshing, hacking, or exploiting game weaknesses.
  • A tribe and its members are valid for the entire cluster (tribe name and members must be set consistently).
  • The use of Hard-INI's is prohibited (settings that generate an advantage in PVP and/or remove things from the game - e.g., removing leaves from trees, etc.). Gamma settings can be adjusted.

II. Bases (Home Map, Main Base, and Outposts)

  • Main base is on 'The Island' or 'Ragnarok' (home map) with an indestructible SafeBase shield (hence, offline RAID protection is not necessary).
  • Only one SafeBase shield is allowed in the entire cluster.
  • One outpost or additional base per map can be built, which can be protected with an ORP.
  • Only one outpost is allowed on the "Rotation Maps".

Home Map ('The Island' or 'Ragnarok')

  • Only on 'The Island' or 'Ragnarok' can a SafeBase shield be placed.
  • Main base must be out of sight of other players and not larger than the shield.
  • The SafeBase is a protected bubble. Raiding a base with an active SafeBase shield, exploiting bugs, or abusing unintended game mechanics (e.g., harming animals in the SafeBase) is strictly forbidden.
  • Generally, no turrets on players or their dinos outside the SafeBase shield.
  • No aggressive animals left outside the base.
  • Taming cage next to the base is allowed, other temporary structures (= SPAM) should be removed promptly.
  • A raft or motorboat outside the main base is allowed, but it cannot be protected with turrets against enemy players.

Main Base (official maps)

  • Maximum base size is ~80 foundations in diameter (measurable with the "SS Item Collector" radius).
  • A base should be built out of sight of another base.
  • No SPAM outside the 80 foundations (see also III. Building Rules).
  • The offline protection has a maximum diameter of about 60 foundations.

Outposts (official maps, DLC maps)

  • Maximum size: 8x8x8 foundations.
  • No automation (Gacha, etc.), no breeding or leaving animals outside permanently.


As an active supporter of the server, you are allowed to build a second SafeBase on 'The Island' or 'Ragnarok'. However, only one SafeBase per map is still valid.

III. Building Rules


  • No reservations or spam with foundations and pillars.
  • Building and turret restrictions at important PVE locations and their accesses like obelisks, caves with bosses & artifacts, Aberration surface, Gen2 space, spawn areas of rare creatures (Wyvern, Magmasaur, Rock Drake, Reaper Queen), or PVE content in general (open-world bosses, explorer notes, Fjordur runes, volcano/Tek cave, Gen1 glitches & missions).
  • Avoid building on player spawn points (not a rule unless done intentionally to frustrate players).
  • Prohibition of inaccessible (meshing), stacked multiple times (stacking), invisible, flying, or indestructible structures.
  • Ratholes are only allowed if the spot can be entered and exited with the character without any aids.
  • No simplifications at loot drops or PVE content allowed (e.g., no use of beds or stargates directly in caves to farm loot drops).
  • The limitations under settings are specifically for crops, safes, Tek storages, and dedicated storage and must not be circumvented by additional placement of vanilla structures.

SafeBase Shield and ORP

  • SafeBase can only be used for a main base on The Island or Ragnarok.
  • The use of SafeBase and ORP shields to block and simplify PVE content is prohibited.
  • ORP can only be activated in one's own base or outpost.
  • Within the ORP area, breeding and long-term keeping of animals is only permitted to members of the same tribe. Second use by an alliance is fundamentally prohibited!


Refers to mod structures like Pegasus Gate and Goa'uld Rings.

  • Maximum 3 Pegasus Gates per tribe per map allowed; rings only within the base.
  • No use of stargates for PVP (allowed as a means of transport to FOB).

Eco Trees (only on the "Home Map")

  • Mod elements (trees, rocks, etc.) may only be placed within the SafeBase shields.
  • A reasonable amount should be placed so that no massive FPS drops occur for other players.
  • Maximum 3 redwood trees (only within the SafeBase) including platforms can be requested from the admin.

IV. Automation Rules

  • The structure quantities according to settings -> quantities (per base) must be observed.
  • Limitation of automation as follows:
    a) 8 Gachas per map and 16 Gachas in the entire cluster.
    b) 50 crops per map (if main base is present).
    c) 1x Crystal Cracker, 3x Item Collectors, 1x Farmer, 1x Gardener, 5x Hatchery and 1x Nanny (without imprint) per map.
    d) Snails and dung beetles are each manually limited to 5-10 animals.

V. Breeding / Animals 

  • No animal stacking; animals should be positioned only with riding and a whip.
  • Animals should only be tied to a hitching post to grow up (no breeding). Exceptions are the dung beetles and snails.
  • Massive offline breeding (a base only with 175 Gigas inside) is generally undesirable. We are a long-term server and enjoy the game.
  • Active exploitation of negative stats in breeding animals is not allowed.

VI. PVP Rules

We play a kind of gentleman PVP. Raiding a base is allowed and also looting the players, but with a certain measure. Just because you can completely flatten a base, you don't have to. The above rules and the "rules" of Wildcard must be followed.

Not allowed are among others:

  • Any form of cheating (e.g., aimbot or speed hacks), account sharing, using bugs (e.g., meshing in any form), or unintended game mechanics.
  • Causing lags and crashes.
  • Duplicating and/or keeping duplicated items.
  • Constantly changing the shield size of the Tek force field.
  • No tunnel raiding with rafts or dinos.
  • Massive SPAM of dinos on enemy turrets (simultaneously 5-10 animals within shooting range is OK).
  • Popcorning to intentionally destroy the loot of your base.
  • Abuse of platform saddles like fully walled-in dinos (only structures above the saddle are allowed), flying structures, and building outside the platform range.
  • Misuse of stargates, transmitters, replicators, or generators.
  • Turrets on farm spots or other spawn areas are only conceivable temporarily for one's own safety, but farming players is not tolerated.
  • Holding players captive is generally only allowed in an active raid for its duration. Otherwise, players should be released after 3-5 minutes (no repeated holding).

Last update: 02.06.2024