Oasisaur - An Oasis for Frontier Owners

In Community Crunch 393 on January 20, 2024, Studio Wildcard announced an addition for the upcoming map 'Scorched Earth': the dinosaur 'Oasisaur'. This new dinosaur will be part of the paid 'Frontier Adventure Packs' and will provide a safe living space on the back of a giant moving oasis.


It feels great to find this unique wild Dino with just the right colors and traits. Shiny! Dinos offers additional possibilities to make the creatures of the ARKs even more unique. More than just a fresh paint job, some of these Shiny! Dinos have increased levels (from 150 up to 180) and can therefore offer better points (stats) when tamed.

ARK Additions

"ARK Additions introduces 10 uniquely modeled and animated creatures, each with a special taming challenge. Additionally, the mod includes a unique boss, the Savage Acrocanthosaurus. This boss is summoned into the world through a special engram (available at Level 120) and requires tribute, similar to the traditional bosses of the Island or the Titans of the "Extinction" expansion.