Oasisaur - An Oasis for Frontier Owners


The Oasisaur, a gentle giant of the earth, is a living sanctuary that offers protection and sustenance to all creatures in its vicinity. With its unique ability to create a safe haven, it shields players from environmental threats and hostile creatures, but provides little defense against other players. This majestic creature is a beacon of tranquility in this scorched land.

In Community Crunch 393 on January 20, 2024, Studio Wildcard announced an addition for the upcoming map 'Scorched Earth': the dinosaur 'Oasisaur'. This new dinosaur will be part of the paid 'Frontier Adventure Packs' and will provide a safe living space on the back of a giant moving oasis.

The ARK community is surprised by this development. Previously, paid content was limited to cosmetic items. Now, Wildcard is expanding its offering to include additional paid dinosaurs.The question of how the Oasisaur could affect game balance is particularly intriguing. Comparisons are already being made to the giant turtle 'Megachelon', which stands out due to its immense HP pool. According to Wildcard, the Oasisaur does not possess any offensive abilities.

In my opinion, it is also limited in defense against players - essentially a 'desert Quetz', without the option to build turrets on it. Nevertheless, the introduction of paid dinosaurs marks a questionable step by Wildcard.

Regardless of whether this is considered pay-to-win or not, the question arises as to whether Wildcard is living up to their statement that additional maps should be made accessible without further sales intentions. Unless Wildcard provides further details, we will learn more at the end of March with the release of Scorched Earth for ARK Survival Ascendend.


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