Svartalfheim - Additonal Rotation Map

On the untouched, icy shores of Svartalfheim, a new map created by Nekatus for ARK: Survival Evolved, players can expect an adventure that delves into the depths of Norse myths and legends. Surrounded by rugged landscapes, mysterious caves, and the eternal twilight of the North, this land calls out to fearless explorers. Players have the opportunity to lose themselves in a world shaped by ancient gods and inhabited by powerful creatures immortalized in old stories.

ARK Map: Ice Age

The new map for ARK Survival Evolved "Ice Age" is now making rapid progress and has been released in version 1.3999. - An area of over 75 square kilometers - Impressive redwood forests - Snow-covered jungles and forests - Majestic castles - Over six mysterious caves - Underground regions - Three impressive boss arenas - An ancient temple - Places of civilization - Spacious building areas, ideal for community and tribe constructions Fortunately, the original map developer had to step down at the end of July for health reasons, but a successor has now been found with Project Sumero.

Number of animals per card

Have you ever considered how many animals could be active on a single map of ARK Survival Evolved? So far, we have counted the following quantities on average:


Tennessee-based developer Timothy Dwyer launched the novel modification map "Appalachia" in December through his "Indi game studio" Kaluga Studios. This map strives to depict the diverse regions of Appalachia, from the frosty north to the scorching south, in diverse biotopes. In addition, the map is intended to offer an expanded range of native wildlife and be less swamped by dinosaurs. Covering an impressive 90,000 square kilometers, the map is substantial and is expected to be up to 65% complete by July.


TaeniaStella RenewalAlpha is a highly unusual map that holds numerous surprises. It even hosts some unique creatures that thematically fit perfectly into this deceptively vast environment. There are many incentives to explore it and marvel at the numerous sights it has to offer. However, you should make sure to be well prepared!


Fjordur will be a free, official, non-canon DLC expansion map coming to ARK: Survival Evolved on June 12, 2022. Expected "features" from the new map:

Lost Island ab 14. Dezember 2021

Lost Island will be a new map (DLC) from Wildcard, which will be available at the end of the year. The map will be available for free like The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero or Crystal Isles, and unlike the other maps, it will present three new animals. These are the Amargasaurus, the 
 Dinopithecus and the Sinomacrops. The creator of the map is…

Update: Release date of the new map "Lost Island" by Wildcard announced to 12/14/2021!