Svartalfheim - Additonal Rotation Map

On the untouched, icy shores of Svartalfheim, a new map created by Nekatus for ARK: Survival Evolved, players can expect an adventure that delves into the depths of Norse myths and legends. Surrounded by rugged landscapes, mysterious caves, and the eternal twilight of the North, this land calls out to fearless explorers. Players have the opportunity to lose themselves in a world shaped by ancient gods and inhabited by powerful creatures immortalized in old stories.

Svartalfheim, named after the realm of the dwarves in Norse mythology, is a place where the boundaries between the world of mortals and the mystical dimension blur. Here, in the shadowy halls beneath the mountains and in the enchanted forests, echoes of past times whisper tales of heroic deeds, mighty artifacts, and hidden treasures. Players can look forward to unraveling the secrets of the dwarves who once ruled these lands.

  • 33km² landscape full of secrets
  • This is a map without flyers. Flyers do not even spawn
  • New enemies like Dwarf Warriors
  • New Alpha-Dino variants with more and better loot

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