ASA: New creature for Center The Submarine aka Shastasaurus

Shastasaurus Concept Art

With over 39,000 votes, Shastasaurus will be the new creature added to The Center in ARK: Survival Ascended. We look forward to sharing its concept and dossier in the coming weeks!…


Shastasaurus was a type of reptile that lived during the late Triassic period and is now extinct. Fossils have been discovered in the United States, Canada, and China.

The most well-known species, Shastasaurus pacificus, was found in California and had a length of about seven meters. Another possible species, Shastasaurus sikanniensis, was discovered in British Columbia and is one of the largest specimens of this species, reaching lengths of up to 21 meters and weighing 81.5 tons.

Shastasaurus was different from other reptiles of its kind. It had a slender body and a very short mouth without teeth. It is believed to have fed on soft animals like squid by sucking them in. However, this theory is now being questioned.

It is not known if Shastasaurus had a dorsal fin or if its tail looked different from later species with shark-like tails.

Possible Implementation in ARK (Dossier)

Species: Shastasaurus Sikanniensis
Time: Middle to late Triassic
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Passive


The Shastasaurus is one of the largest marine creatures I have ever seen. It is huge, but very calm and rarely disturbs other creatures. It mainly feeds on small schools of fish. When in danger, such as from Mosasaurs, it can locate them using echolocation and even repel them with a sonic blast. Shastasauruses live in families, but due to their large appetite, they often have to separate to find food. This often leaves many of them lonely and isolated.


Shastasauruses are often lonely and quickly join a group of Ichthyosaurs when given the opportunity. Once tamed, they are extremely useful. You can build a special saddle-submarine combination equipped with torpedoes and harpoons. This allows for underwater combat and capturing other creatures.

Abilities and Traits

  • The saddle functions as a submarine underwater.
  • The saddle can fire torpedoes that cause significant damage.
  • On the surface, the saddle transforms into a whaling ship with harpoons.
  • Has echolocation to locate enemies.
  • Can emit a sonic blast that disorients enemies.
  • Is very efficient at gathering oil and black pearls.
  • Can create vortexes with its tail to capture enemies.
  • Can suck in smaller creatures.
  • When attacked, it can emit a sonic pulse that repels enemies.
  • Can only be tamed by releasing tamed Ichthyosaurs or other Shastasauruses near it.

This Shastasaurus is a versatile and powerful addition to any team looking to explore or defend the depths of the ocean.…


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Wie wird der chastasaurus aussehen

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