ASA: Update and Outlook for the New Year (2024)

News at the end of the year from Wildcard with the surprise that the first DLC map "The Center" for ARK Survival Ascended will already be released in February, and additionally the "Gigantoraptor" as the first new creature (originally planned for Ragnarok) will be integrated. Furthermore, server transfer will be unlocked in January.

ASA: New creature for Center The Submarine aka Shastasaurus

With over 39,000 votes, Shastasaurus will be the new creature added to The Center in ARK: Survival Ascended. We look forward to sharing its concept and dossier in the coming weeks!…


Shastasaurus was a type of reptile that lived during the late Triassic period and is now extinct. Fossils have been discovered in the United States, Canada, and China.