ASA: Update and Outlook for the New Year (2024)

Offizielle Mitteilung von Wildcard

News at the end of the year from Wildcard with the surprise that the first DLC map "The Center" for ARK Survival Ascended will already be released in February, and additionally the "Gigantoraptor" as the first new creature (originally planned for Ragnarok) will be integrated. Furthermore, server transfer will be unlocked in January.

Message from Dolly

Soon a new calendar will be hanging on the wall, and we have filled it with content for a dinomites 2024! Before we say goodbye for the holidays and take a short break, we would like to share our schedule for the first quarter of the coming year with you:

January: Complete server transfer to the official servers on all platforms. After activation, players can download items and creatures without restrictions!

February: Surprise! We have a new addition to the schedule, the launch of the revised Center map along with an early debut of the community-chosen caretaker dinosaur, the Gigantoraptor.

March: Launch of the Scorched Earth DLC and the Frontier Adventure Packs, where players can proudly stroll through the sands in Western style!

In 2024, completely cross-platform premium mods will also debut through our partners at Overwole. We look forward to sharing more about our plans for the coming year with you, and we'll see you on the Ark 2024, survivors! The Wildcard team wishes you a happy new year!

More from Wildcard

  • Winter Wonderland runs until January 7th (also available as a downloadable mod)
    RaptorClaus will sail through the starry night sky in his sleigh, dropping gifts with high-quality loot, mistletoe, and coal for the naughty survivors. You can see RaptorClaus flying in the sky at midnight (in-game time) on all maps.
  • Wildcard allows access to a pre-release/test version (beta)
    We have added the Steam branch for the public_test_realm for public testing and invite everyone willing to play and provide feedback to participate. It will be listed as ASA Public Test Realm. You can update your private servers to the Public Test Realm branch if you want to play there with your community. Since this is a beta branch, we strongly recommend backing up your save files.
  • SOTF
    "Survival of the Fittest" returns to the game ARK: Survival Ascended with cross-play functionality and has been available since December 23rd for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation!
  • Adventure Pack for Scorched Earth in March
    What would a cowboy be without their trusty boots and hat? Strut through Scorched Earth in style as you embark on a new adventure with the Frontier Adventure Pack!
  • ARK Merchandise
    In exciting news for fans of the ARK series, the developer has officially announced that official ARK merchandise will finally be available after a long wait. The range will start with a selection of favorite items, but this is just the beginning. The developer plans to expand the offering based on the suggestions and ideas of the community. Of particular interest is the announcement that future merchandise items, including plush toys, will be decided through community voting.
  • Premium Mods
    Studio Wildcard allows professional developers and game studios to create DLC-like mods and premium content (via CurseForge) that can be monetized within the game. While most mods will remain free, this initiative provides a unique opportunity for creators to market their work directly in the game. BlahBlahBlah... I have my doubts whether this will work at all, especially since 50% of the revenue will remain with Wildcard (or Snail Games) and CurseForge, and I prefer the community spirit with open and voluntary donations. But let's see what the future brings.


The updated schedule for the remaining maps and content is as follows:


Early 2024: ARK: The Animated Series (

  1. January
    Server Transfer
  2. February
    Gigantoraptor ( was initially planned for Ragnarok
    Shastasaurus ( possibly maybe rescheduled for mai 2024
  3. March
    Scorched Earth
    Fasolasuchus (
  4. July
    Yi Ling (
  5. September
    Ragnarok (initially planned for Gigantoraptor, which will be released in February)
  6. October
    Dreadnoughtus (
  7. November
    A surprise has been announced
  8. December


  1. February 2025
    Genesis 1
  2. April 2025
    Crystal Isles
  3. May 2025
    Genesis 2
  4. August 2025
    Lost Island
  5. October 2025

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