Clusterfuck for AKR Survival Ascended by Nitrado - UPDATE

ARK Survival Ascended: Server Hosting...

Update: Wildcard or Nitrado have now allowed anonymous download for servers via Steam and the EULA has also been adjusted. Multiple maps/servers are now possible. We won!!!!

As the exclusive server operator Nitrado announced today, you can only run one ARK server with your own Steam account on your PC, and missing tools for modders were also mentioned. To obtain a "dedicated license," you need a community with 10,000 members! Source:…

In August, Nitrado officially promised:

Nitrado's commercial exclusivity for community servers does not prevent the monetization of your self-hosted or rented server, such as through, but not limited to, donations, "VIP" roles, reserved slots, items, and anything else allowed in the terms and conditions and end-user license agreement of ARK: Survival Ascended. Source:…

See also the original article NITRADO (MARBIS) BECOMES EXCLUSIVE HOST FOR ASE, ASA, AND ARK II, on which Nitrado has also softened or explicitly stated via Twitter that hosting your own ARK servers is allowed (and thus only commercial hosting would be restricted). All talk and no action :)

If it turns out that there are restrictions on hosting your own Windows or Linux server for ARK Survival Ascended, Nitrado has just ruined the future of the new ASA version.

For more information, also check out the Twitter account of content creator NeddyTheNoodle:…

ATTENTION! A petition has been started to urge Nitrado, Snailgame, and Wildcard to drop these senseless restrictions (only one ARK map per server and per Steam license) for community servers. Every vote counts:

Update October 28, 2023

Wildcard and Nitrado have now allowed anonymous server downloads via Steam and have also adjusted the EULA:


However, confirmation is still missing that multiple servers (clusters) can be started without restrictions, as with ASE.

Update II:

Confirmation is here that multiple maps/servers can run and no Steam login is required.

Two servers

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