Differences between AKR Survival Evolved (ASE) and Ascendend (ASA)

ASE (2015) vs. ASA (2023)

Listing of the known differences between ARK Survival Evolved (abbreviated ASE; from the year 2015) and the new updated version ARK Survival Ascended (abbreviated ASA; from the year 2023).

NOTE: Since ASA will only be released at the end of October 2023, this comparison is still a work in progress and should be taken with caution (22. Oktober 2023)! Further notes, tips & tricks can be mentioned in the comments! Happy Hunting!

Property ASE ASA
Release Year
2015 2023
Game Engine
(Still based on Unreal)
4 5.2
Game Version
358.17 1
Number of Players on Steam
(Maximum / ~2023)
247k / 74k ?
Price on Steam
(Full version with all DLCs; in CHF)
38.55 45
Cross-Platform Multiplayer
(for XBOX, PS5, and available for Steam-PC starting December)
- (X)
Game Content ASE ASA
Available Official DLC Maps
(Not available initially for ASA, later all maps)
6 (6)
Available Official Maps
(Initially, only "The Island" for ASA, later all maps)
6 1 (6)
Number of Creatures
(including variations like Aberration, R, etc.)
196 (299) 112?
Base Engrams
(Initially, only native "The Island" Engrams for ASA)
477 ???
Maximum Player Level
(conditional, as only Tek-Cave, Notes + Chibbi available on ASA)
205 135?
New Creatures Since 2023
(one new creature planned for ASA per map in 2023/2024..)
1 12
Mods Also Available for Consoles
(via Overflow, including commercial mods :-/ )
- X
Existing Mods Can Be Used
(no backward compatibility for mods and maps on ASA)
X -
Game Mechanics ASE ASA
Wild Babies
(Wild babies in nature, not only for tamed creatures)
- X
Player Speed
(not adjustable in ASA)
X -
Creature Speed
(not levelable in ASA)
X -
(not available at the beginning of ASA)
X -
No Mutation Cap
(Maximum 255 points in ASE)
- X
Graphics ASE ASA
Dynamic Water
(more beautiful/realistic depiction of water surfaces)
- X
Interactive Foliage
(representation and interaction with plants, trees, and vegetation)
- X
Optimized Character Creation
- X
Various Optimizations from Unreal 5
(e.g., support for NVIDIA's DLSS)
- X
Miscellaneous ASE ASA
Revamped Dynamic Navigation Network
(Improved creature pathfinding)
- X
Improved MiniMap
(Zoom function, player indicator, etc.)
- X
Redesigned Structures
(with S+ modder Orionsun)
- X
Technical Optimizations
(Instance rendering for large bases, threaded server networking, and native physics engine)
- X

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