The story about ARK Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved Ultimate Edition (Alle Bildquellen aus dem Presskit von Wildcard)

In the 22nd century, humanity stumbles upon an element of immeasurable power, a material so full of energy that it must either come from the unfathomable depths of space or from the core of the Earth. The discovery of this element marks a turning point in human history. It becomes the driving force behind a new wave of technological innovations that catapult humanity into an age beyond their wildest dreams. However, this rapid development comes at a price.


The world of ARK: Survival Evolved is a fascinating blend of science and fantasy, populated by dinosaurs and mysterious technologies. In this world, there exists a special structure in the human brain called the "Engrammic Matrix," which allows memories and personalities to be stored for a long time.

The ARKs themselves are huge, floating islands in space, created by an unknown, highly advanced civilization. They serve as massive experimental fields where humans and creatures from different times and places interact with each other. In these ARKs, the inhabitants are constantly monitored and tested through challenges.

When I first woke up on one of these ARKs, I was completely confused. I found a glowing implant in my forearm and quickly realized that I had to fight for survival. I learned to craft tools, defend myself against wild animals, and eventually form a community with other survivors.

After many challenges and adventures, we discovered the true nature of the ARKs and their creators. This unknown civilization, whom we called the "Overseers," had created the ARKs as testbeds for a grand experiment. Our abilities, our will to survive, and our intelligence were constantly tested to select the "best" individuals for an unknown but crucial purpose.

By solving puzzles and defeating powerful boss enemies, we eventually gained control of the ARK and escaped the experiment. But what we found was even more shocking: an abandoned Earth, destroyed by the same technologies that created the ARKs...

What's next?

Now, discover the complete story of "ARK Survival Evolved" with over six different ARKs, simulations, and colony ships on Steam Online. This version offers you all the DLCs and a variety of free additions that the ARK universe has to offer. With this package, you can also join the server directly on this website.

For owners of a powerful gaming PC with Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080, there is the optimized "remastered" version "ARK Survival Ascended," which includes only the first part (out of 6) with the ARK "The Island."

Deepen your knowledge in the official ARK Wiki ( or watch the very exciting and informative two-hour film by content creator "NeddyTheNoodle," which summarizes the entire story of ARK 1. Neddy has not only created outstanding videos but also successfully protested against Nitrado's plans to shut down hosting of private clusters for "ARK Survival Ascended" a few days ago. More about this in the report "Clusterfuck Nitrado". Attached below is the mentioned video on YouTube by Neddy. Happy Hunting!


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