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Auction House

This mod allows you to create auctions for items, weapons, blueprints, skins, dinos, etc., bid on them, and buy them from players on your server or players on other servers. Modified items and dinos are also supported! Place an auctioneer (there is the Auctioneer for items and resources, Stockman for live animals, Hatchery for eggs, and Exchanger for currency exchange) in your world to search for items, place a mailbox to collect your winnings, or place a herder and transporter to buy and sell dinos. For a comprehensive guide to everything related to this mod, including rules, configuration options, and upcoming changes, see the wiki: []( Currency (Coins): 10 Copper = 1 Silver 10 Silver = 1 Gold 10 Gold = 1 Platinum Shopping: The coins can be used for trading between players (e.g., also via "Auctioneer") or in the "Exchanger" to exchange coins for certain bonus items. [Image: Auction House - Shopping](/sites/default/files/inline-images/2024-01-23%2022_56_06-Window.png)

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To take part in the promotions, you must build an "Auctioneer" for items, a "Stockman" for animals and/or a "Hatchery" for eggs from the Auction House mod in the ARK (all of which can be learned as Engrams from level 1). This list is updated hourly and actions can last between 1 and 14 days, often with the option of a "Buy Now".