Dino Storage v2

Dino Storage v2 - Terminal

Dino Storage V2 is a mod for ARK: Survival Evolved that allows for the storage and care of tamed creatures. This mod replaces our Cryopods with "Souls", and provides a replacement for Cryofridges with the Soul Terminals.

- Terminals: There is a limit of 10 Soul Terminals, each with a maximum of 280 slots. Souls can also be stored in other structures, but be careful not to store more than 300 Souls in one inventory, as larger quantities may cause your ARK client/game to crash, and you will only be able to save the Souls in a smaller inventory using the SS Transfer Tool. It is also important to note that unnecessary animals in Cryopods and/or Souls can be deleted.

- No expiration date: One advantage is that Souls do not have an expiration date and do not need to be specially cooled.

- Unpacking: When unpacking babies, there is no Cryotimer anymore. Additionally, an option has been activated so that when animals are unpacked within your own base (approximately 55 structures within a 10 Foundation radius), no Cryotimer will be started.

- Packing: The timer has been reduced from 5s to 3s.

- NewBorn Autotrap is activated: The best feature is that each tribe can configure a terminal that automatically packs and stores newborn babies in these Souls.

- Operation of the Soul Traps: Press N to change the order, R to take the next Soul in hand, and press and hold R to receive an empty Soul.

Furthermore, it is important to note that offline breeding using SS Hitching-Post or similar tools is not allowed. However, the use of SS Hitching-Post for raising young animals is permitted. Fertilized eggs will still be collected through the SS Hatchery, and the collection of Gacha Crystals, Poop, and similar items will be done through the SS Item Collector (meaning other automations from the mod are currently disabled).

In addition, we will try to keep the Souls as close as possible to the known Cryopod functions, as we are still a survival server with PVP enabled (for example, there are currently no SoulGuns). It is currently being considered whether the packing timer should be reduced from 3s to 1-2s, whether the distance to the base with 10 Foundation should be increased to 25 Foundation, and whether the SoulGun should only be allowed on home maps.

The SS Cryofridges will not be learnable in the first step and will be completely deleted at a later time. In the shop, there will be a few Souls as a "welcome gift" and it will be.

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