October 2022

Mythos: Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow

Who doesn't know the annoying message, Network Failure Message: Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow! BANG! solutions are mostly to learn only the engrams which are needed regularly (not all of them) and don't make your own inventory too full. However, there is no fixed limit or border here, because simply said the game client of ARK with the loading of the relevant data (eg your content of the inventory) does not progress fast enough.

Halloween 2022

Our annual Halloween event, Fear Evolved, is creeping up on the ARK with a scary screech, and we've got all the tricks and/or treats lined up for survivors to enjoy in the coming weeks!

From October 19 to November 2, the ARK will be teeming with creepy new chibis making their ARK debut, cutting-edge fashion, and spooky event creatures, all resplendent in moonlit pumpkin patches and Halloween festivities!

Dress up in event fashions and creepy shoulder companions and go on the hunt for the elusive DodoRex and DodoWyvern.