The ARK Valentine's EVO Event has been activated on our cluster on the respective rotation maps (DLC maps). The newly available colors include:

Scorched Earth mit Aufsteig und zusätzliche Levels

The Winter Wonderland patch on December 14th will introduce brand new narrative content - featuring actors Maddy Madden (The Wheel of Time) and David Tennant (Doctor Who) reprising their respective roles as Helena Walker and Sir Edmund Rockwell.

All of Helena’s and Rockwell’s Dossiers and Explorer Notes will also be voiced by the actors, as will survivors’ epic confrontation versus Rockwell on ARK Aberration.  The highly requested Scorched Earth ascension will also make its debut!

Turkey Trial 6

From Tuesday, November 22nd through Wednesday, December 7th jump into a large-scale scavenger hunt and carve up rare “Super-Turkeys” that have been unleashed across the ARK for Turkey Trial 6!

Halloween 2022

Our annual Halloween event, Fear Evolved, is creeping up on the ARK with a scary screech, and we've got all the tricks and/or treats lined up for survivors to enjoy in the coming weeks!

From October 19 to November 2, the ARK will be teeming with creepy new chibis making their ARK debut, cutting-edge fashion, and spooky event creatures, all resplendent in moonlit pumpkin patches and Halloween festivities!

Dress up in event fashions and creepy shoulder companions and go on the hunt for the elusive DodoRex and DodoWyvern.  

Eggcellent Adventure 7 (Oster Event)

From Monday, April 11, through Monday, April 25, the 7th annual Eggcellent Adventure will take place! Follow in the footsteps of wild Bunny Dodos and Bunny Oviraptors to collect Bunny Eggs for special event loot. Drop off Bunny Eggs to paint them, or use them in a Crafting Pot to make special holiday-themed cosmetics, including 5 new chibs and a full-body bunny costume!