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The online gaming project "ARK aufs Maul", presented by the well-known YouTubers Gato and Kay, launches its second season titled "Ark aufs Maul ASA".

In this exciting season, each player has exactly seven lives. Once these lives are used up, the participant is eliminated from the competition. The primary goal of the players is to minimize the life counters of their opponents while preserving their own lives. A central aspect of this is to avoid dying in PVE (Player versus Environment), as this is considered embarrassing and humiliating within the community.

The challenges of this season are particularly demanding due to the limitation to primitive weapons - advanced technologies such as C4 explosives, automatic turrets, or metal houses are not available. Additionally, the game area is limited, making strategic planning even more essential. The restrictions, especially the absence of turrets, shift the focus away from large base raids towards more direct confrontations between players.

However, this season will also introduce something new. The so-called "Purge". Here, players will be automatically teleported to an arena and only the last survivor will be allowed to leave the arena.

The series promises to be particularly captivating, especially when following the progress of the individual participants on their respective YouTube channels.



Bibi & Tina

Schröt Kommando

Hit Me


Power Gaming

Die Zerstörer

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