Ark aufs Maul ASA

The online gaming project "ARK aufs Maul", presented by the well-known YouTubers Gato and Kay, launches its second season titled "Ark aufs Maul ASA".

In this exciting season, each player has exactly seven lives. Once these lives are used up, the participant is eliminated from the competition. The primary goal of the players is to minimize the life counters of their opponents while preserving their own lives. A central aspect of this is to avoid dying in PVE (Player versus Environment), as this is considered embarrassing and humiliating within the community.

Road to Ark Ascended

urprisingly, Beam has reactivated the "Road to Alpha" concept. Potaty/Tim, Key, Gato and Beam himself are plunging into an intense PVP adventure as the tribe "Penguins of Madagascar" - "Road to ASA".