ARK Map: Ice Age

Ice Age by Project Sumero

The Ice Age, also known as the Glacial Age, refers to a period in Earth's history when at least one of the polar regions was covered by glaciers or ice sheets. These periods are characterized by colder climates, leading to the expansion of ice and snow in higher latitudes. The effects of these cold periods are far-reaching and impact both the climate and the geological and ecological systems of the Earth.

The new map for ARK Survival Evolved "Ice Age" is now making rapid progress and has been released in version 1.3999. - An area of over 75 square kilometers - Impressive redwood forests - Snow-covered jungles and forests - Majestic castles - Over six mysterious caves - Underground regions - Three impressive boss arenas - An ancient temple - Places of civilization - Spacious building areas, ideal for community and tribe constructions Fortunately, the original map developer had to step down at the end of July for health reasons, but a successor has now been found with Project Sumero. For more information, visit Steam ( or the official Twitter channel of Project Sumero (


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