ARK Survival Ascended (ASA) - Release

ARK Survival Ascended

In "ARK: Survival Ascended," you experience a completely new dinosaur survival world, redesigned with Unreal Engine 5. You awaken on a mysterious island, surrounded by breathtaking graphics and realistic physics. Tame dinosaurs, explore worlds, and enjoy comprehensive gameplay improvements. With cross-platform modding and multiplayer options, the game offers an outstanding survival experience for players on different platforms.

Dive into a new dinosaur survival experience that surpasses your wildest dreams... because ARK is being reinvented from the ground up with Unreal Engine 5 in the next generation of video game technology! You awaken on a mysterious island, your senses overwhelmed by bright sunlight and vibrant colors bouncing off every surface around you, while the azure waters of a lush island crash against your bare feet. A deep roar echoes from the misty jungle, prompting you to move, and you rise – not fearful, but curious. Are you ready to establish a tribe, tame and breed hundreds of dinosaur species and other prehistoric creatures, explore, craft, build, and fight your way to the top of the food chain? Your new world awaits... step through the mirror and join it!

ARK: Survival Ascended completely redesigns and revamps the graphics and worlds of ARK to make optimal use of the latest video game technology, Unreal Engine 5. It utilizes high-quality graphic features such as fully dynamic global illumination ("Lumen") to realistically bounce light off surfaces and create realistic reflections, as well as advanced mesh streaming ("Nanite") of hundreds of millions of triangles for extreme detail.

New advanced physics systems like dynamic water ensure that every creature generates waves, ripples, splashes, and bubbles as it moves through liquids. There is also fully interactive physical vegetation, where every blade of grass, bush, and tree reacts to characters, explosions, projectiles, and physical objects. If you fell a tree, you will see it realistically crash into other trees, disrupting the entire vegetation on its way down to impact the grass below! Spot an enemy moving stealthily through the grass as it sways and reacts to its presence. Destroy a building and watch as the pieces realistically break apart, interacting with grass and water as they fall.

ARK: Survival Ascended includes access to all worlds of ARK, including Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, ARK Genesis Part 1, ARK Genesis Part 2, and more. The Island is now available, and subsequent expansion worlds will be regularly added at no additional cost.

The definitive survival experience is better than ever: Customize your survivor, establish a tribe, tame, train, breed, and ride dinosaurs in a vibrant ecosystem. Pay attention to your food, water, temperature, and weather conditions. Expand slowly outward as you harvest, build structures, grow plants, customize your visual designs, and explore to uncover the true nature of the island and the worlds beyond.

Comprehensive quality of life improvements in all areas: Redesigned user interfaces, dynamic navigation for intelligent creature pathfinding, wild babies, photo mode, new camera systems, new map system, tracking system, new structures and items, new creatures, and much more.

Cross-platform modding: Download and play new user-created custom content, including new maps, creatures, items, and game modes, through a dedicated new in-game mod browser! Enjoy an endless stream of new ARK content as the creativity and talent of the community are fully unleashed across gaming platforms for the first time!

Cross-platform multiplayer: Establish your online tribe on different gaming platforms and work together to survive and thrive on the ARK!

Supports public online multiplayer for up to 70 players, private multiplayer game for up to 8 players, and local split-screen game for 2 players.

Additional Information


Surprisingly, there should already be some mods available at launch. The first confirmation comes from Nekatus, who will offer his new mod map "Svartalfheim" (here is the ASE version) for download on ASA, already 60% complete!

Another map in preparation is Appalachia. It is also known that Orionsun will not provide an S+ mod for ASA because he has actively worked on ASA with Wildcard.

More mods…

PC (Steam)

Was available on STEAM on October 26, 2023, at 07:30 AM (UTC+2)...

Consoles (XBOX, PS5)

The release planned for tonight (October 25, 2023) is only for the Steam version. The version for consoles will be released in early November!

Server Hosting

Chaos about Server-Hosting is solved (28.10.2023),  More details under: /node/283

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