ASA: New creature for Ragnarok (Gigantoraptor regalimaia)

Gigantoraptor - Official Dossier

The winner is the Gigantoraptor regalimaia, which can give a Nanny Imprint Bonus and is generally supposed to be stronger when there are juveniles and fertilized eggs nearby.


Species: Gigantoraptor nutritor
Time: Late Cretaceous
Diet: Omnivore
Temperament: Territorial

Salute the sovereign of prehistoric helicopter parenting, the Gigantoraptor! This nurturing nest-guardian shields her offspring with a love that transcends life’s boundaries. Soon, she will be gallivanting across the vast expanses of Ragnarok!

Fear not, for the Gigantoraptor, despite its formidable size, is more of a gentle giant, provided you do not threaten its nest. It is more of a guardian than a warrior, even going so far as to adopt the orphaned offspring of rival species.

The unfortunate news: no one has yet deciphered the method to tame an adult Gigantoraptor. However, a few audacious survivors have managed to earn the trust of the young ones. Once matured, your tamed Gigantoraptor transforms into a sort of prehistoric governess, overseeing your young creatures and even instructing them in the art of combat. Should you bring home orphaned baby animals, your Gigantoraptor will graciously incorporate them into its brood.

The Gigantoraptor and its charges form an indomitable team. United in battle, they are far more effective than when alone.

For further details, you may peruse the latest Community Crunch 371 at the following link:….

Poll (June 2023)

For the impending release of ARK Survival Ascendent (ASA), the introduction of a new creature is planned in conjunction with the unveiling of the DLC map, Ragnarok.

Over the past few weeks, the community has been given the opportunity to submit proposals (see here:…).

Now, ten creatures are ready for the final vote. The voting is open until June 19 and can be done via the following webpage:….

The victor is the Gigantoraptor regalimaia, which can provide a Nanny Imprint Bonus and is generally expected to be stronger when young animals and fertilized eggs are nearby.

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