Extra Life Event: News from Wildcard Studio about ASA

Extra Life 2023

The ARK: Extra Life Event 2023 is an event organized by Twitch, in which Studio Wildcard participates annually. It is a fundraising campaign for the gaming community, with proceeds going to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. For over 24 hours, members of Studio Wildcard will be streaming on Twitch, conducting multiple giveaways, and increasing server rates. Currently, $114,972 has been collected in donations.

During the exciting 24-hour live stream by Studio Wildcard, hosted by Lead Community Manager Cedric and Lead Designer Zane, fans of ASA witnessed a few announcements about ARK Survival Ascended. Among the guests were Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak, as well as the well-known German mod developer Nektatus, famous for his work on Valguero, Fjördur, and Svartalfheim.

The major news includes:

  • The long-awaited Cryopods are coming in December.
  • Events will become real mods and can be activated at any time on private servers.
  • The Krampus, a horned, humanoid figure from Central and Eastern European Alpine folklore, known for frightening naughty children during the Advent season, will appear in the Winter Wonderland event and looks scary.
  • The release of SOTF (The Survival of the Fittest, a battle royale spin-off) is scheduled for December 20th.
  • Scorched Earth ASA will only be released in March 2024 and will be more integrated into the lore than before.
  • Additionally, a "Frontier Adventure Pack" will be released, offering paid content. It includes skins in the style of cowboys and talk of trains and dynamite, as well as a new creature (besides the already announced https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Fasola…).
  • The animated series is postponed to early 2024 (no Christmas present).

There are delays of about three months in the ASA roadmap.


  • March - Scorched Earth
  • May - Center
  • July - Aberration
  • September - Ragnarok
  • October - Extinction
  • November - Surprise?
  • December - Valguero


  • February - Genesis 1
  • April - Crystal Isles
  • May - Genesis 2
  • August - Lost Island
  • October - Fjordur

The delay is understandable, due to the far too early start of ASA in general (forced by the owner of ARK "Snail Games" and their absurd contract with Nitrado). Now the server stability must first be improved, the numerous bugs fixed, and time made up for inadequate measures (such as deactivating certain INI settings, etc.). This means that The Island will be the only map for the next three months, and the question remains open whether server transfer will be developed and activated earlier.


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