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Welcome to our small friendly "PVE" orient Cluster Bukanier!

This is a friendly long-term game server for ARK Survival Evolved with the main maps The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction as well as the official mod maps Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles and Lost Island and Fjordur. There is an indestructible Safebase Shield, which can be obtained once in the store. PVP is enabled on the maps, but we play mostly PVE with some open PVP settings and don't do wipes.

The Island (Homemap)

The Island

  • Info: Homemap (Home Map for bulding a "Safebase")
  • Servername: island.bukanier.org
  • IP: / Port: 17000
  • Steam Connect: steam://connect/
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Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth

  • Info: A bit better Loot, but dangerous Wildlife (PVP)
  • Servername: ScorchedEarth.Bukanier.org
  • IP: / Port: 17010
  • Steam Connect: steam://connect/
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  • Info: Destroyed earth with three mini biomes (PVP)
  • Servername: Extinction.Bukanier.org
  • IP: / Port: 17030
  • Steam Connect: steam://connect/
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  • Info: Virtual simulation, without flying (PVP)
  • Servername: Genesis.Bukanier.org
  • IP: / Port: 17040
  • Steam Connect: steam://connect/
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Genesis 2 (not for a Mainbase)

Genesis 2

  • Info: Spaceship with huge map  (PVP)
  • Hinweis: No automatic federation suit (flying), element cannot be transferred and dino spawn was reduced
  • Servername: Genesis2.bukanier.org
  • IP: / Port: 17050
  • Steam Connect: steam://connect/
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  • Info: Big map with mini bosses Lavagolem and Ice Queen
  • Servername: Ragnarok.bukanier.org
  • IP: / Port: 17080
  • Steam Connect: steam://connect/
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Crystal Isles

Crystal Isles

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Lost Island

Lost Island

  • Info: Huge map (Warning! In Ice Wyvern Gorge, there are massive "holes" in the map in the cave, so access has been blocked).
  • Servername: LostIsland.Bukanier.org
  • IP: / Port: 17090
  • Steam Connect: steam://connect/
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  • Info: Mod-map map with three new animals and interesting side-whales and lots of PVE content.
  • Servername: Fjordur.Bukanier.org
  • IP: / Port: 17110
  • Steam Connect: steam://connect/
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The server is more PVE than PVP, because the respective main base is protected with an impenetrable shield (safebase) and we basically play PVE content. However, all maps have PVP enabled! A friendly tone is the be-all and end-all. Play fair and behave correctly! NO Ganking, NO Grieding, NO Kiting & NO BULLSHITTING!

Furthermore the following rules apply


  • We primarily play PVE on PVP settings, which means shooting down another player and looting is allowed, but with a certain degree of moderation. If you are looking for pure PVP, you are definitely wrong here.
  • Raiding a base with a safebase shield is not possible or even allowed.
  • On the home map "The Island" it is forbidden to place turrets outside the safebase shield and to let aggressive animals stand around unaccompanied. On the other maps the "building rules" apply.

Home map and main bases

  • A main base can be established on the home map "The Island". Advantages Island: There the shield size is a bit bigger and also the structure decay is massively delayed.
  • More main bases can be built on the other maps. The number of main bases must not be higher than the number of active players +1 in your tribe. A maximum is 4 main bases in the whole cluster. For example, a solo player may have a main base on "The Island" and on Lost Island.
  • A main base must be built approximately out of sight/render range of another player and must not be larger than e.g. the safebase shield itself (a counting cage other than the safebase is allowed).


  • You may create one additional small outpost per map. This outpost may not be used for breeding animals, generating resources (gachas, snails, etc.) or similar.
  • An outpost may not be larger than 4x4 Foundation and may not have more than 4 height units. Any hatchframes for turrets may exceed this.
  • An outpost must not be protected with a Safebase Shield.


  • In the cluster, max. 2 main bases may be protected with a Safebase Shield (per Tribe).
  • The Safebase may only be used to protect a skin base and may not be abused (temporarily) for other activities.
  • A Safebase may not be placed in such a way as to block relevant PVE content (Explorer Notes, Gen1 missions, access to caves, etc.).
  • A safebase shield may not use turrets that attack targets outside of the shield.

Building rules

  • Outposts and Main Bases may not be built on the same map at the same time.
  • A maximum of 3 Stargates per Tribe may be placed on a map.
  • Reserving or paving with Foundations and Pillars is not allowed.
  • Obelisks, caves with artifacts and Gen1 missions may not be built on or blocked in any way. Building in the passageways at Genesis2 is prohibited.
  • Temporary buildings outside the base (e.g. a counting cage, farmhouse or campfire) should also be dismantled when no longer needed (exception is a counting cage right next to the safebase shield).
  • It is forbidden to build on Explorer Notes, Gen1 Glitches and Fjordur Runes.
  • Turrets on Iceland (home map) outside of the main base (in the Safebase Shield) are forbidden (even temporary ones).
  • Turrets are also not allowed to prevent access to PVE content like explorer notes, missions, spawn points, obelisks, etc....
  • Places which are accessible through meshholes (errors in the map) or ratholes (which are not accessible through normal walking) may not be entered or built on.
  • Building on player spawn points should be avoided.

Automation rules

We don't play ARK to build huge farms and bunker down millions of resources. Therefore, here are a few simple rules:

  • A maximum of 8 gachas are allowed on a map, 16 gachas in the entire cluster.
  • Snails are allowed 10 for polymer and paste in the whole cluster.
  • 75 beds for vegetables, berries, etc. are allowed in the entire cluster (25 vanilla and 50 super strucutre).
  • Only one chainsaw may be used for one sheep per tribe at a time
  • Other restrictions are per map, 3x Cystal Cracker, 5x Item Collectors, 1x each Farmer, Gardner and Animal Tender.
  • Tethering to a "hitching post" of animals is generally not allowed (exception temporarily for raising an animal like a gacha baby)


A Stargate will be placed at each obelisk by the admins, this may not be destroyed or built over (also no Turret).
Harassment, insults and otherwise offensive behavior in the chat or in the name of players, items, dinos, tribes, etc.. is/are prohibited.

For questions please consult the Contaktformular or Discord!


Basic settings are 3x harvest, 1.0x XP, 3x weight, 32x breeding, 4x taming and 1.5 imprint bonus. Meat & Co spoils about 2x less quickly and Gasoline lasts 2x longer in the generator. Turret damage on dinos is at 1.75 but max armor is at 496% (892 Durability), weapons at 496% and saddles at 223%. Bred dinos may have up to level 599. In addition, engram points are distributed slightly more so that all engrams could be learned in the later game.

Decay is set to 8x (e.g. wooden crates decay after 32 days, metal after 128 days), the home type care has a bit higher values here. Dinos are also released for claiming after 32 days. Offline proction is disabled on all maps.

All Configuration are available on GitHub.com.


From the server, Iceland is the home map and the official ARK maps Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction are made available. The DLC maps (Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles and Fjordur) are also available.


List and subscribe to the installed/needed mods, see also Steam Workshop Collection von Bukanier.org

  • 2386532930 Safebase 2.0 (unzerstörbares Shield)
  • 1999447172 Super Structure (besser bauen und viele Vereinfachungen)
  • 1136125765 Binocular (Besseres Fernglas)
  • 1260983937 TCs Auto Rewards (Shop für ein paar Geschenke)
  • 2017907246 HG Travel V2.6 (Element, boss heads, as well as artifacts & Co can be taken to other maps)
  • 2246809471 Stargate Evolution (Stargates zum Teleportieren)
  • 1300713111 Rare Sightings (seltene/besondere Tiere welche vereinzelt auf den Karten erscheinen)
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Last Update: 15.01.2023