Welcome to our small family friendly "PVE" oriented cluster Bukanier!
This is a family friendly long term game server for ARK Survival Evolved with the maps The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis, Genesis2 and the official mod maps like Valguero, Lost Island and Fjordur. On the home map (Homemap) there is an indestructible Safebase Shield. Therefore we play mostly PVE with some Open-PVP settings and don't do wipes.

More info about the rules under Server!


Announcement: Carcharodontosaurus

I consider myself lucky to have encountered Carcharodontosaurus medicupestis and survived to tell the tale. While I'm not sure if this predator grows larger than a Giganotosaurus, I hope I never find out. A single one of these powerhouses held its own against an entire army of us, and that encounter cost us dearly.
The Carcharodontosaurus can sweep attackers aside with its tail, but it's the other end you should really be wary of. It has teeth like steak knives stuck in a jaw strong enough to shred most prey. Even a near miss will shred you, but good.

Major version for servers (v349.1)

With the latest patch from Wildcard, the bug that a dedicated ARK server crashes with a map size (savefile) of 4GB is finally fixed! The other patch notes are:

Dragon (Beta)

Dragon was vanilla. 19 Rexes and 1 Yuti. Rexe had between 28k and 32k HP and Damage was at 600-800. Saddles we had the first half simple 60-80s and the rest then 130-180s values. 4 Rexes died. Luck had that the Dragon could not fly off and I have very (too) late with the Yuti "screamed". Players we were two and the one has shot with Shotgun and Minigun.



Fjordur will be a free, official, non-canon DLC expansion map coming to ARK: Survival Evolved on June 12, 2022. Expected "features" from the new map:


New animal that will be released in June 2022 with the new DLC map Fjordur:

Even with all the other monstrosities here, this fugitive from a Creature Double feature deserves first place. I mean, Dracula is already in the name of his species! And Desmodus has a scream that he can use to scare pretty much anything that gets in his way. He's also smart enough to limit himself to victims he can kidnap into the night.

Neues offizielles ARK Wiki

Today an official (new) ARK Wiki has been released. The old one on "Fandom" is no longer supported, but only the new one at https://www.ark.wiki.gg should be used. In addition, the wiki is also supplemented by ARK itself and the respective developers continuously!

Neuer Mod: Stargate Evolution

Stargate Evolution brings Stargates to Ark by introducing an Einstein-Rosen bridge portal device to the fictional Stargate universe that allows convenient, rapid travel between two remote locations. The device enables near-instantaneous travel via a single server.

New Mod: Rare Sightings

Rare dinos are spotted on our temporary mod maps (currently Lost Island, Valguero and Crystal Isles). Hunt and tame them to get special loot and get 150-180 level animals for your breeding.