November 2022

Turkey Trial 6

From Tuesday, November 22nd through Wednesday, December 7th jump into a large-scale scavenger hunt and carve up rare “Super-Turkeys” that have been unleashed across the ARK for Turkey Trial 6!

Carcharodontosaurus ist LIVE

Today in the update from 05.11.2022 v352.6 is the new dino Carcharodontosaurus come into the game. Spotted so far on Lost Island at 50/70!

ARK: The Survival Of The Fittest - Crossplay Prototype

Welcome to ARK: Survival of the Fittest, the first-ever M.O.S.A. - a multiplayer online survival arena - developed by Studio Wildcard for the burgeoning Wild West of eSports. ARK: Survival of the Fittest (SotF) is a spin-off of the most popular open-world Early Access game on Steam ARK: Survival Evolved and pits up to 72 players against each other in an action-packed survival battle that ultimately leads to an epic showdown where only one "tribe" will survive.