May 2023

Road to Ark Ascended

urprisingly, Beam has reactivated the "Road to Alpha" concept. Potaty/Tim, Key, Gato and Beam himself are plunging into an intense PVP adventure as the tribe "Penguins of Madagascar" - "Road to ASA".


TaeniaStella RenewalAlpha is a highly unusual map that holds numerous surprises. It even hosts some unique creatures that thematically fit perfectly into this deceptively vast environment. There are many incentives to explore it and marvel at the numerous sights it has to offer. However, you should make sure to be well prepared!

ARK II Release Date 2024 oder 2025?

Möglicherweise wird Ark 2 technisch gesehen im Frühjahr 2025 veröffentlicht, während der Early Access bereits Ende 2024, wie ursprünglich geplant, zur Verfügung steht

ASA: New Creature for Scorched Earth

*** UPDATE: Winner is the Fasolasuchus *** Until May 1st it was possible to vote for different creatures. One of them has now won and will be available as a new creature for the revamped Scorched Earth map in the upcoming ARK release ASA (Ascendend) this summer. The winner will be announced on May 5 or 6, 2023. We can't wait to see which creature makes the cut.

Ark Utils

A small collection of utilities related to the game Ark: Survival Evolved.... The following utils are available on the website: