Fjordhawk - neues Tier für Fjordur bestätigt


Most of the creatures I've encountered here have survived thanks to their size, strength or ferocity. But the fjord goshawk manages with its wits and by scavenging. The bird also seems to have an almost supernatural ability to anticipate and avoid danger. The Fjordhawk tracks predators (and survivors) from above, waiting for the moment when it can strike and grab an easy meal. 

Common name: Fjordhawk
Species: Parabuteo veðrfölnir
Time: Middle to late Anthropocene
Diet: Omnivorous
Temperament: Calculating
Tamed fjord hawks are amazingly playful, and their favorite game is catching. If you indulge your bird with this game and a little patience, you will reap the rewards. Just point to a target, and your Fjordhawk will fly off to get it for you. A well-trained Fjordhawk can track down injured prey and tell you its find.

These clever birds form as intimate a bond with humans as dogs or primates do, in a way that is unique to this time and place. If a serious misfortune befalls you, your Fjordhawk will immediately fly away with as many of your belongings as it can carry. Once you are revived by the ARK, your friend will track you down and return your gear!…