December 2023

ASA: Update and Outlook for the New Year (2024)

News at the end of the year from Wildcard with the surprise that the first DLC map "The Center" for ARK Survival Ascended will already be released in February, and additionally the "Gigantoraptor" as the first new creature (originally planned for Ragnarok) will be integrated. Furthermore, server transfer will be unlocked in January.

Ark aufs Maul ASA

The online gaming project "ARK aufs Maul", presented by the well-known YouTubers Gato and Kay, launches its second season titled "Ark aufs Maul ASA".

In this exciting season, each player has exactly seven lives. Once these lives are used up, the participant is eliminated from the competition. The primary goal of the players is to minimize the life counters of their opponents while preserving their own lives. A central aspect of this is to avoid dying in PVE (Player versus Environment), as this is considered embarrassing and humiliating within the community.

ASA: Playstation Release

After some delay, the long-awaited expansion of the popular dinosaur survival game, "ARK Survival Ascended," is finally available for PlayStation 5 as of last night. The new version not only offers a massive graphics update but also enables crossplay and mods on the PS5 for the first time.